I’m a conservative political activist who is fed up with corrupt politicians who run negative smear campaigns and who care more about their special interest campaign contributors than they do about the people. This blog is dedicated to revealing the seldom-seen but verifiable facts about Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania 2010 Republican candidate for Governor.

The first story is coming soon!


4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Rose Dunlap says:

    I will be FW your blog to family in the western part of the state. Don’t think that Rohrer is getting enough exposure out there. Keep up the good work and thanks.

  2. Rose, thank you very much. Please spread the word as widely as possible – the people of Pennsylvania MUST know the real truth before May 18.

  3. Keith says:

    Corbett is no saint, his office is wrought with deprivation of citizen’s Rights and I beat him and 6 of his cronies in the Pa. Supreme Court on some of these types of issues as evidenced by my winning opinion on Docket No. 52 MAP 2009 in that court.

    I am currently suing for 3.125 mil in damages in Berks County Court of Common Pleas Docket No. 10-11507 due to my win in the Supreme Court. I am not a lawyer nor did I hire a lawyer, I did this myself.

    My win helped thousands of fellow-Pennsylvanians, and my next win will help even more. I discovered that the office of attorney general has been violating the constitution at article I, sections 1, 9, 11, 15, and 26 on a regular basis FOR SOME 22 YEARS NOW. I caught it, the Supeme Court agreed, and I won. Due to my appeal and request of the court, I had the Supreme Court disapprove if two Superior Court rulings that were AGAINST a prior Supreme Court ruling, that Corbett and his cronies have been following when prosecuting tax crimes, when these crooks should have been following the Supreme Court when prosecuting tax crimes. I gettem by the short hairs on this one.

    I am now filing an ‘Amended Complaint’ due to their filing of Preliminary Objections to my original complaint, so I can now fix a deficiency that they alerted me to in the original which may well have been fatal to my action.

    These people should be in jail, or worse. I am not surprised to have read on your blog that Corbett thinks our constituion is a LIVING DOCUMENT. What?? This man’s a wackjob just like all of the other socialist/communist scum he represents at our financial expense. This crap has gotta stop if we endeavor to remain a free people. It is going to take more than harsh words from the citizenry to accomplish this. Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words. I won using the civilzed method in the courts, but when the courst stop giving us wins when we should have wins, something needs to change at tha point in time. For now, I choose the courts and I am living proof it CAN be done in those courts, except for the shameful ruling I received from the a__holes on the Superior Court bench, which I appealed and WON above in the Supreme Court against those crooked jurists on the Superior Court.

    Should you want to hear more from me, you have my email address now.

    Keith of Berks County

  4. PA Citizen says:

    If Tom Corbett is so devoted to fighting corruption then why didn’t he go after Efrem Grail, who coordinated the political work of Bonus Gate: keeping Ralph Nader off the ballot in 2004? Grail got a free pass while the state employees who did the work on the taxpayers’ dime were all charged. Yet, the mastermind gets a free pass.

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