No smoking gun, but…

The statement below concerning a lawsuit against Tom Corbett was released on Friday (4/9) by members of the Berks County Patriots to media outlets across the state and to all members of the Republican State Committee.  It was given to me on Saturday.

The members of the group who studied Mr. Corbett’s deposition have apparently put a great deal of effort into the analysis of this lawsuit.  By publicly making this statement they are demonstrating tremendous confidence in their conclusions and are showing much courage by releasing it over their signatures.

Although this does not prove in any way that Tom Corbett is guilty of the accusations, it certainly casts serious doubt on the way he does the people’s business as Attorney General and his suitability as a candidate for Pennsylvania Governor.

This lawsuit was mentioned briefly in an article by Laura Vecsey in the Harrisburg Patriot-News on March 29.

The full text of the amended complaint mentioned in the statement is here.

(Update, April 30, 2010: The full text of the Corbett deposition as a PDF file is here [Part 1] and here [Part 2].  Count how many times Mr. Corbett says “I can’t recall” or similar variants.)

With this information now provided to them, will the members of the Republican State Committee seriously consider these accusations and take any kind of action concerning their chosen candidate?  Will anyone in the media have the courage to publish this statement?

Please read the information and draw your own conclusions.

– – – – – – – – – – –


Testimony given under oath by the endorsed Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Governor on March 11, 2010 is damaging, and is clearly not the testimony of a man who has nothing to hide.

Mr. Tom Corbett, the current Pennsylvania attorney general, was deposed in connection with charges filed against him in the United States District Court for the Middle District of PA on August 11, 2008 regarding alleged widespread corruption in the Attorney General’s Office over a period of years (See attached “Amended Complaint” for details of the charges).

Thomas Kimmett, who worked in the Financial Enforcement Section of that office, reported wide ranging abuses in that section, and reported those abuses through the chain of command, and, ultimately outside of normal channels.  Mr. Kimmett, a long time Republican who described a campaign of retaliation, harassment, and ostracism against him for doing his patriotic duty, was fired from his position after filing charges against Attorney General Corbett and a number of his subordinates.

Mr. Corbett’s testimony under oath was evasive and obfuscatory, giving significant doubt about his innocence of the charges against him. That, and the widespread and very serious nature of the charges, has led us to conclude that the Republican leadership must evaluate whether Mr. Corbett should step down as a candidate for the highest office in the Commonwealth of PA before the primary election process has advanced any further.  In light of events elsewhere in our nation, it is imperative that we restore our political system to strict standards of integrity and honor.

The deposition referred to above is a public document, and is available to anyone who wishes to see it.  We are asking the leaders of our party to join us in urging Mr. Corbett to end his campaign for governor immediately.  We are encouraging the leaders of our media to allow these facts to be aired immediately to further the cause of honor and integrity in our upcoming elections.

James Billman, Berks County Patriots
Rodney Miller, Berks County Patriots/Republican Committeeman
Ray Bostard, Berks County Patriots/Republican Committeeman
Edmund W. Bender, Berks County Patriots/Republican Committeeman


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