The hypocrisy continues…

Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason, who recently stated “I have not tolerated Republicans going after Republicans”, today demonstrated his hypocrisy again with a press release attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer and defending Democrat-sponsored legislation to do this.  This was quickly followed by a similar attack statement from Mr. Rohrer’s opponent, Attorney General Tom Corbett.  The details have been added as an update at the bottom of a previous post, “Hypocrisy.”


One Response to The hypocrisy continues…

  1. turaluralura says:

    Wasn’t the attorney for the Bill Higgins the Bedford District Attorney accused of raping a woman, Attorney Gleason from Johnstown whose firm and family are high officials in the Pa Republican Party? Sounds like the perfect attorney to talk Corbett into not doing a full and objective rape investigation in return for possible political favors? But then again, it was just a standing District Attorney with multiple assault convictions already on his record, why take a claim that he raped a woman in his office seriously?

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