About Me

I am Only The Truth, a conservative political activist who is fed up with unethical politicians who use negative campaigning instead of honest debate and care more about pleasing their special interest campaign contributors than they do about the people they’re elected to serve.

This blog is posted to expose one such politician, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett, one of the 2010 Republican candidates for Governor. 

The entries in this blog have been carefully researched before publication.  Facts stated in all posts are from personal observations or have been documented through publicly available sources with links provided for these sources.


I am a supporter of Sam Rohrer for Governor but I am not associated with his campaign.

I am not a Democratic operative.

I prefer to remain anonymous to avoid the harassment that I received from a previous blog that was published under my real name.

I will respond privately to any messages sent to me via the comments section if you provide an e-mail address.  Such messages will not be posted.


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